What's involved in the Polypill Prevention Programme?

1   Complete an Online Assessment

Complete an online assessment that enables our doctors to judge your suitability for the programme. A minimum requirement is that you are 50 or over and have no history of cardiovascular disease to be eligible for the preventive medication offered.

2   Your medication is dispatched

If you are suitable, a doctor will allow you to order a prescription for the medication. Following your order, your medication will be dispatched from our partner pharmacy.

3   Follow-up from our doctors

A doctor is available to talk to whilst you are on the programme. Our doctors are always happy to discuss the preventive medication and any feedback you may have.

Eligibility and preventive medication

The Polypill Prevention Programme is suitable if you are aged 50 or over and do not have a history of cardiovascular disease. There are other factors that need to be assessed by the online doctor, not everyone will be eligible for a prescription. For example, you will not be eligible if you are taking certain medicines that may interfere with medicines that are included in the Polypill Prevention Programme. If the doctor considers you eligible you will be prescribed 12 weeks worth of medication per prescription. This costs £98 for 12 weeks supply. You will be automatically reminded to reorder before your supply is used up.

Currently we are only able to accept orders with UK delivery addresses.

Click "Start Assessment" to start a free online assessment. A doctor will reply. Alternatively you can call 020 7600 3205 to submit your assessment by phone.

The programme costs £98 every 12 weeks.

Once joining the programme is suitable for you

Confirming your order

A confirmation email will be sent to you at the time you place an order. You can see the details of the order in your online account. Another confirmation email will be sent when a doctor has assessed your medical information and issued a prescription. Our doctors endeavour to process your assessments within 24 hours.

Packaging and dispatch

Most items are dispatched using Royal Mail First Class Delivery on the day of the order or next working day except at weekends. If you need to enquire about a delivery please contact us.

Declined orders

If for any reason the doctor requires additional information prior to issuing a prescription you will find a message in your online account or you will receive a phone call. If for any reason an order is declined you will be informed of the reasons and refunded in full to the same payment card.

Returns and refunds

Prescriptions are sent securely and electronically to our partner, Cohens Chemist, for dispensing and dispatch of medicine on the same or following working day.

Cancelling an order

You can cancel an order up until the point where our doctor issues your prescription. Please note: a doctor may issue a prescription within minutes or hours of an order being placed. To cancel your order please contact the polypill.com team. If your order is not cancelled and the medication is dispensed, we cannot accept returns for reasons of safety and as a result we are unable to issue refunds for medication that has been dispensed. If you have unwanted medicines please take them to a pharmacy for safe disposal.

Your data security and privacy

Our practice and doctors are regulated by the UK health regulators CQC and GMC and as such we adhere to strict procedures regarding your medical data.

We use a trusted payment provider, Stripe, to process your order. We do not hold or store your card details. Our entire website operates in 256-bit Secure Sockets Layer mode, giving you industry-standard security whilst browsing Polypill.com.

secure polypill

We handle your data with the utmost confidentiality. Please see our Privacy Policy and Cookies Policy for further information about your data and us.