You can reduce your risk of heart attack and stroke by two thirds

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Polypill Prevention Programme

The Polypill Prevention Programme combines personal healthcare advice from our team of cardiovascular experts and general practitioners with, if appropriate, a highly effective course of medication designed to reduce your risk of having a heart attack or stroke.

We provide a free online medical consultation to assess whether people are eligible to join the Polypill Prevention Programme. If as a result of the consultation a medication is considered appropriate for an individual, our doctors prescribe the treatment, and arrange for it to be dispensed and posted to a designated address. The medical consultation may or may not lead to the provision of a prescription.

When treatment is appropriate, the Polypill Prevention Programme uses three blood pressure-lowering drugs, each at a low dose, and a cholesterol-lowering medication at standard dose, selected to maximise effectiveness and safety. The combination of drugs improves the preventive effect whilst minimising the risk of side effects. Each of the drugs is in common use and have been assessed in many clinical trials.

The Polypill Programme development team includes the preventive medicine experts Professor Sir Nicholas Wald and Professor Malcolm Law, who originally proposed the polypill concept. We continuously improve the programme and conduct relevant research.

If you are thinking of joining the Polypill Prevention Programme and would like an estimate of the health benefit for you, given your age, click here.

Your diet, weight, exercise routine and lifestyle all play a role in the development of cardiovascular disease throughout life. As part of a balanced lifestyle, the treatment provided as part of the Polypill Prevention Programme helps to reduce your risk by reducing your blood pressure and cholesterol. There are other key strategies that help to reduce the risk.

Polypill and Diet

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